Bob and Tom

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  • Zooming on Thanksgivings

    The gang discusses an annoying Thanksgiving suggestion and how it might go wrong. We check in on Josh’s rich mom.

  • This Week’s Tomplication: Pie Orders

    Tom is very generous and gets the staff a pie for Thanksgiving each year. It is one of the more complicated events of the year.

  • Why Would Someone Do This? | B&T This Week

    Josh Arnold threatens to sneeze on the doorknobs of the Griswold clan. A woman has a hilarious reaction to an accident. Tom makes a few knotty pine puns. Floyd the Trucker calls in. Donnie Baker has his own knockoff of My Pillow.

  • How did Willie Griswold Get His Name?

    A discussion on Henry the VIII leads to a flashback on the show as Tom forces his son to listen to the Sam & Willie Show.

  • The Sausage King

    A drug sting led to the capture of several exotic animals. This leads to Josh Arnold imagining what wild animals he would eat first.

  • Kristi Lee, Queen of Road Rage

    Kristi Lee is the nicest person one could ever meet… Unless they’re slowly driving in front of her.

  • Unreasonable Confidence By Ace Cosby

    Ace Cosby’s new book Unreasonable Confidence is out! He managed to get Chick McGee to write the forward.

  • Tom Griswold, Wedding Officiant | B&T Tonight

    We open today’s show learning that Tom will be officiating Ace’s upcoming wedding which apparently is going to be a BYOB. Cam Newton has a lot of hats and Pat has a song about all of them. The Toy Hall of Fame has released a list of its newest inductees which is up for debate. Then we close the show with the Ace Cosby “Joke” of the day and learn that Pat has the perfect song for the story about monkeys preferring traffic sounds to jungle sounds.