Bob and Tom

  • John Gruden and Frank Caliendo Go To An Aerosmith Concert

    Comedian and master impressionist Frank Caliendo had the opportunity to attend an Aerosmith concert with John Gruden, head coach of the Raiders.
  • B&T Tonight for 2-25-2020: The BBC and NBC are PWF

    Jennifer… errr Jessica Alsman is sitting in for Kristi Lee and Jessica Hooker joins us as well. We cut Alsman off for a Dick Pound update. The summer Olympics may be in jeopardy thanks to the coronavirus. Josh Arnold debuts a new Presidential impression. Tom found a story about potatoes that he loves and Godwin…
  • Jimmy Pardo’s Top 3 KISS Songs

    We are joined by comedian and KISS fan Jimmy Pardo. Jimmy shares what it’s like taking his child to a KISS concert.
  • B&T Tonight for 2-24-2020: GREG HAHN IS IN THE STUDIO

    Jessica Alsman is pitted out. The great Greg Hahn joins us and has his eye on Jessica Alsman. We read a news story about the unfortunate effects of junk food on one’s body which leads to Josh finally turning things around on Tom.
  • Ask Alli – Meat Tweets

    We are joined by our love guru, comedian Alli Breen with a fun edition of Ask Alli. Tom asks about “meat tweets,” Good v Bad Penis days and tiny sunglasses on your junk.
  • Mr. Obvious – The Critter (Animated)

    Your favorite radio answer man fields a caller with a home pest problem. Can Mr. Obvious help his caller find out what critter is plaguing his kitchen? Click play to find out. Feel free to share the video with friends!
  • Florence Y’alls Swag

    We were discussing the minor league baseball team the Florence Y’alls. Well, today we received a letter from the Mayor of Florence along with some awesome Florence Y’alls swag.
  • Larry King Updates His Will

    Larry King calls into the studio to share the changes he’s made to his will now that he’s going through a divorce.