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  • Greg Warren Has A New Comedy Special Out

    We are joined via Zoom by comedian Greg Warren. Greg’s new special, Where The Field Corn Grows, is out today! You can watch Greg’s new special on Amazon Prime, Google Play, and Xbox Video. Be sure to also check out Greg’s new Crossword Puzzle Podcast, “One Down” with fellow comedian Brendan Eyre.

    Where The Field Corn Grows Trailer

  • Amish Country Blues – The Electric Amish

    We are joined in the performance studio by the one and only The Electric Amish with their catchy tune, Amish Country Blues.

  • National Origami Championship | The Ace Cosby Joke of the Day Presented by Steven Singer Jewelers

    Ace Cosby brings laughter while our friend Steven Singer brings Mother Day’s presents. Seriously, this is one Mother’s Day present that cannot be forgotten, so give her something she will always remember by shopping at We are joined by Steven to share a special promotion where they will donate meals to first responders through a purchase of a Gold Dipped Rose.

  • Pandemic Tom

    What is it like to work with Tom Griswold during a pandemic? Here are two clips that illustrate what’s happening at the BOB & TOM Show.

  • Kegeling With The Gang

    There’s a new videogame for women to help them strengthen their vaginal floors. Pat learns that men can Kegel too and the entire gang gives it a try. Josh wants the crew to all wear adult diapers on the air one day soon.

  • Spicy Pancake Breakfast | B&T Tonight

    Donnie Baker’s gal has put on weight and it’s not going well for anyone. Josh spills the beans on his brother and we relive Kristi’s meltdown on Chick from ages ago. Pat Godwin hits us with a song that Tom was not ready for. We close the show hearing about the Father’s Day breakfast that Tom’s daughters accidentally confused chili powder for cinnamon.

  • Eagle Photos

    An eagle has nested near the BOB & TOM Studios. Photographer Sheila Roumpf captured these amazing shots.

    Flying lessons for our local eaglets.— The BOB & TOM Show (@bobandtom) June 17, 2020

    Some bald eagles have nested near the Friggemall studios. Photographer Sheila Roumpf captured these amazing shots.

    — The BOB & TOM Show (@bobandtom) May 7, 2020

    Please like this photo or you’re an unAmerican pinko communist! Move to Russia! On Friday’s show the word “eagle” or “eaglet” was mentioned 143 times. Thanks to Sheila Roumpf for photographing Tom’s new neighbors.

    — The BOB & TOM Show (@bobandtom) May 12, 2020

    Another great shot of the eagle from Tom’s neighborhood. Thanks to Sheila Roumpf for photographing Tom’s new neighbors.

    — The BOB & TOM Show (@bobandtom) May 29, 2020
  • Donnie Baker’s One Night Stand

    Have you ever had someone who didn’t know when the one-night stand is over? So has Donnie Baker.