Bob and Tom

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  • The Dishwasher Dumper | B&T Tonight

    We’re joined by our resident geek, Jessica Alsman via Zoom. We open the show today with an Ace Cosby Joke of the Day that Chick is NOT ON BOARD WITH! We then turn to the story about the burglar who took a deuce in the dishwasher. Of course, Pat Godwin has a hilarious tribute. Then we’re back to debating if the Ace Cosby Joke Of The Day is funny. Kristi and the rest of the gang give us cooking hacks. We end the show with Josh asking Tom the most personal of questions.

  • Willie’s Arrest | B&T Tonight

    This show has it all. Ace and Chick bet on Monday Night’s Raiders Game with an interesting wager. We have a trucker request for an old hit of Pats. Tom lost a fight with his 4-year-old which leads to Willie having to babysit. Willie shares the story of the time he got arrested and the police were ecstatic they had “Bob and Tom’s Kid” in the back of their patrol car. We close out the show with Chick the Mailman.

  • Pat VanGodwin | B&T Tonight

    We open the show minus Willie and Pat Godwin today. Pat is having issues with his hearing and a wonderful fan-made a Van Gogh meme with Pat. Tom LOVES IT. Then onto news with Kristi that a drone was caught delivering drugs into a prison. Tom has his own ideas on how to get contraband into a prison. We then turn to Slinky records before being interrupted by the one and only Donnie Baker who has a new merch pitch for the gang.

  • Josh Arnold Presents… The Gardner Minshew Song

    Gardner Minshew was back in the news today, but Pat Godwin is out with an ear issue. Josh Arnold decided to step up as parody master. Pat Godwin’s review? “Ha.”

  • Chick & Josh Were Hilarious Jerks On Halloween

    Halloween has been canceled in LA. Chick confesses to some Halloween night craziness. Josh then has a confession of his own about the time he was being a big jerk as well. Luckily both fall under the statute of limitations.

  • Pat Godwin Spills Coffee On Keith Richards

    At one point in time, Pat Godwin spilled an entire cup of coffee on the Rolling Stone’s Keith Richards as Keith was about to take the stage.

  • Josh’s First Standup Joke & The Pat Godwin Song Challenge | B&T Tonight

    We open the show learning that Tom doesn’t turn off his car when gassing up. He says it’s OK since a race car driver told him it was. Chick proves him wrong with FACTS. We hit Pat with a new song challenge. This time Josh picks 2 news stories and Tom is NOT HAPPY about his selections. We learn that in some parts of America kids are to “tell a joke” before receiving their Halloween candy. Josh then shares with us a few jokes from his very first talent show in Kindergarten. Then once again … Pat knocks his song challenge Out Of The Park about Santa School & Topless Beaches In France.

  • Dress In Black and White – The Electric Amish

    We are joined by The Electric Amish, playing their huge hit “Dress In Black and White.”