Bob and Tom

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  • “Why Don’t We Do It On Our First Date” with Pat Godwin

    Pat Godwin attempts a tribute to a vaccine disco party. After that fails, he nails, “Why Don’t We Do It On Our First Date.”

  • That Josh Arnold Podcast: Hold Your Horses

    Josh tells a couple stories of an equine nature.

  • B&T Extra Podcast: In Da Butt!

    On this Bob & Tom Extra: We have a pasta playlist, sock puppets, and In Da Butt!

  • Bits & Pieces Podcast: Rippin’ Laughs

    We go full juvenile mode in this episode with lots of breezes, toots and cutting of the cheeses. Enjoy at your own risk, it’s a gas!

  • Greg Warren Joins Us (Awww COME ON! BOOO!)

    We have a special mystery guest. It’s Greg Warren! Tom decided to call his ice tea drinking pal after a flute story hit the news. Check out Greg’s special “Where the Field Corn Grows” on Amazon Prime.

  • Josh Arnold’s On-Air “Toledo”

    Josh Arnold attempts a joke about a toilet seat and even the crickets were silent.

  • Creamy, Pale, and Brunette | B&T This Week

    Tom Griswold is a master of compliments. After turning this gift on Jessica Alsman, he lets Willie Griswold have some of his signature “praise.” Later in the show, he tries to “compliment” Chick, and it ends up backfiring on everyone. We answer “how long should it take to do it?” With a parody song by Pat Godwin. Two women faked being old to get the vaccine, and it ended with criminal charges.

  • Vibrating Pizza

    Tom made a mean comment to Pat off air and the gang defends the poor man. A pizza chain in New Zealand is offering a shocking prize with an order.