Omaha DEA Division on Marijuana studies and Drug Enforcement

Omaha DEA Division on Marijuana studies and Drug Enforcement

OMAHA, Neb. – (KGFW) Diversion Program Manager in the Omaha division of the DEA Bill Stockmann, shared what they see with marijuana in the nation.

“It’s a Schedule I controlled substance by the federal guidelines, it is a gateway drug. So it does lead to the use of other drugs. It also hampers the development psychologically of our children. A study shows there were 3.2 million 12-year-olds reporting misusing prescription pain medication. There was also an increase with marijuana use.”

Arguments take place every day for continued regulation of marijuana or to legalize it and Stockmann wants people to do the proper research before making a final decision.

“Look at the number of homeless that has increased. Look at the number of crimes, whatever they may be. I think that should be looked into rather than just say hey let’s use it for recreational or medicinal use. What is the research? What do you studies show? What does it really help?

With the work on prescription drug take backs, opioid enforcement and dealing with marijuana regulations, Stockmann wants the public to know what the DEA is continuing to do.

“We are trying to do everything we can to address both the enforcement and education side of the opioid epidemic. We will continue to fight every day be it in the public’s eye or behind the scenes. That’s what we do here, the men and women that work for the DEA are very dedicated folks. The public has been heard and we have outreach programs that we will continue to bring to communities.”

The Omaha division for the DEA covers a five state region and Stockmann shared that midwestern floods have made it difficult to travel and educate the public as frequently as he normally does.