DEA Omaha Division discussing Opioid impact in Nebraska

DEA Omaha Division discussing Opioid impact in Nebraska

OMAHA, Neb. – (KGFW) Bill Stockmann, the Diversion Program Manager for Omaha’s division of the DEA, shared information on the opioid epidemic facing the nation. Stockmann first shared how the DEA works with enforcement on opioids.

“When we have any kind of evidence of abuse that the DEA can identify that entails any criminal or civil activity, we develop investigations and then we bring those cases to the United States Attorney’s Office or to state and local prosecutors. We try to get those prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

Through his diversion program, Stockmann focuses on educating youth as they can be the most susceptible to drugs like opioids.

“It’s very important that we monitor our children. They are our future. If we can keep them from using drugs at an early age. The stats show that 18 years and younger, if you use illicit drugs or prescription medication that you’ve been given like a painkiller, you’re more likely to become an addict or somebody that will abuse drugs in the future. Our brains at that time are still developing.”

Until zero deaths and arrests are made involving opioids, Stockmann and the DEA will continue their battle against the dangerous drug.

“Between 2014 and 2017, there have been 523 opioid overdose deaths. That being said, there are new heroine users per day in the US, there are 580. Just within those years with those deaths in Nebraska, you can see how the increase just in the community that people are using heroine or stepping up and using a prescription drug or opioid drug.”

Stay on for Stockmann’s upcoming report on marijuana and the potential legalization in Nebraska.