Office Party! Time to cut loose
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Oh yeah! The company's holiday party is just around the corner -- time to let loose and party with your coworkers after a long year, right? Wrong.

According to most experts on the matter the cardinal rule is to remember that no matter how rowdy the occasion, it's still about your job. Don't or risk damaging your rep in one night of word slurring blunders.

Where else but the office party can you find the CEO and the mailroom clerk bellied up to the bar together? But remember: Alcohol plus you and your boss can equal Monday morning's "I can't believe I said that (I speak from experience, turkey juice all over your pants can be hard to explain) So have fun in moderation, enjoy the party, drive home, pick up the phone, call your buddies, and plan a Boys or Girls night, where you can cut loose, stagger and say anything without worries.

You can thank me after one of the above happens to someone else at the party.

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