Bob and Tom

  • Florence Y’alls Swag

    We were discussing the minor league baseball team the Florence Y’alls. Well, today we received a letter from the Mayor of Florence along with some awesome Florence Y’alls swag.
  • Larry King Updates His Will

    Larry King calls into the studio to share the changes he’s made to his will now that he’s going through a divorce.
  • My Corona (Virus) – Pat Godwin & Dean Metcalf

    Producer Dean Metcalf joins us in the studio to help Pat Godwin with his newest hit My Corona. Tune in nightly at 8PM on YouTube and Facebook to watch BOB & TOM Tonight for 20 minutes of the show!
  • Adult Movie Titles With Donnie Baker

    Donnie Baker’s cousin has produced adult movies since the 1970’s. He calls in to talk about his new Star Wars movie porn parody idea.
  • Josh Arnold Heckles Pat Godwin

    Pat Godwin had an unexpected heckler at his comedy show over the weekend. It was Josh Arnold! See 20 minutes more of today’s radio show tonight at 8 PM on BOB & TOM Tonight!
  • Party In The Panty

    We are joined by sexpert Dr. Sadie of Tickle Kitty and GoLove CBD Naturals brings in a new adult toy for the gang called “Party In The Panty”. This is NSFW.
  • Josh Arnold’s Donut Hole Vid

    A cute dog was photographed putting tennis balls in his mouth, so naturally, Josh Arnold wanted to recreate it with donut holes. How many can his mouth fit? #FattestThings
  • Pat Godwin Spills Coffee On Keith Richards

    At one point in time, Pat Godwin spilled an entire cup of coffee on the Rolling Stone’s Keith Richards as Keith was about to take the stage.