• Nebraska gambling expansion killed quickly by lawmakers

    (AP) - Lawmakers have defeated a measure that could have opened the door to expanded gambling in Nebraska. Senators voted 27-16 on Monday to indefinitely postpone the proposal after less than an hour of debate. The proposed ballot measure by Sen. Paul Schumacher would have given lawmakers the power to regulate gambling, if voters had approved it. The measure faced heavy opposition from gambling opponents, who argued that voters have already decided the issue. Read More
  • Nebraska electoral vote change passes first-round vote

    (AP) - An effort to reinstate the winner-take-all system in presidential elections has cleared a first-round vote in Nebraska's Legislature. Lawmakers voted 31-17 on Monday to advance the bill through the first of three required votes. Supporters of the bill overcame a legislative filibuster. Nebraska and Maine are the only states where it's possible to split electoral votes between opposing presidential candidates, though other states have considered the practice. Two of Nebraska's electoral votes are awarded to the statewide winner, while the remaining three are distributed by congressional district. Nebraska split its electoral votes for the first time in 2008, when Democrat Barack Obama captured one from the 2nd congressional district in Omaha on his way to the presidency. Read More
  • Ricketts denounces court ruling on gay marriage

    (AP) - Gov. Pete Ricketts is denouncing a federal judge's decision to strike down Nebraska's constitutional amendment that defines marriage as between one man and one woman. The Republican governor said Monday that the issue should be left to Nebraskans, and not an "activist judge" subverting their will. Ricketts say he will work with Attorney General Doug Peterson, a fellow Republican, to uphold the current constitutional amendment passed by voters in 2000. The ACLU of Nebraska hailed the decision as a victory for equal rights. The ruling on Monday was immediately appealed to the U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. In addition to prohibiting gay marriage, Nebraska also forbids civil unions and legalized domestic partnerships. Read More
  • Some Nebraskans may be affected by Anthem hack

    (AP) - The Nebraska attorney general's office says nearly 105,000 Nebraskans could have had their personal information exposed as part of a huge data security breach. Attorney General Doug Peterson announced Monday that the breach of health insurer Anthem could lead to the exposure of names, addresses and Social Security numbers for 104,795 Nebraska residents. The insurer is mailing notices to those people and offering to pay for two years of credit monitoring. Anthem doesn't sell policies or process claims in Nebraska, but residents still could be at risk if their employer is based in one of the 14 states where the company operates. Nebraskans also could be affected if they have coverage through a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan and received care in a state where Anthem processes health claims. Read More
  • Kearney man accidently shoots himself

    (AP) - Authorities say a Kearney man has accidentally shot himself in a hand. The Kearney Hub reports ( ) that the shooting occurred around 8:30 p.m. Sunday. Police say Dallas Murray told officers he was shot in his left palm while trying to remove a laser guide rod after his 9-mm handgun jammed. Murray says he forgot to remove the magazine and clear the chamber before trying to clear the jam. Read More